Carnival of Space #239

Carnival of Space #239 is available at Vintage Space!

This edition features great articles about:

  • How to properly explain why we should spend on Astronomy.
  • Astrophotography with Theirry Legault
  • Dark Matter oddities
  • The downside of warp drive
  • Neil deGrasse Tysons thoughts on NASA’s budget, and more!

Remember, if you’ve got a space-related blog, you really should consider joining the Carnival. It’s easy to participate – just email an entry to [email protected], and the next host will link to it.

By participating, your writing will get more exposure, and you will also meet other bloggers in the space/astronomy community, after all, community is what blogging is all about.

You can also sign your blog up to host the Carnival of Space by sending an e-mail to the address above.

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