Was There a Large Ocean on Mars?

New data from ESA’s Mars Express reveals strong evidence that an ocean once covered the northern hemisphere of Mars. The evidence is based on signatures of ocean floor sediments in an area within the boundaries of what has thought to […]

Carnival of Space #239

Carnival of Space #239 is available at Vintage Space! This edition features great articles about: How to properly explain why we should spend on Astronomy. Astrophotography with Theirry Legault Dark Matter oddities The downside of warp drive Neil deGrasse Tysons thoughts […]

Valentines Day Message From The Moon

Apparently our Moon misses us, and would like us to come back soon! The original image is of a lunar crater, made famous by a sharp-eyed observed who was browsing the public LROC data set If you aren’t aware of the […]

Stellar Mass Black Hole Consumes Neighboring Star

Recent observations made by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have recorded the fastest wind from a disk surrounding a stellar-mass black hole. The speed of these intense winds is estimated at around 3% of the speed of light (30,000,000 km/hr) – […]